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SHRMGP Reimagined
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Welcome to the SHRMGP Reimagined Page.  Visit this page for updates on upcoming changes!

Reimagining a transformed SHRMGP



Your SHRMGP board is thrilled to serve you in new ways in 2018. Our final update on changes is call for participation from those of you who may be interested in supporting our many changes through digital marketing and communications!  
We set out earlier this year to increase communication engagement within our current social channels and creating new channels. We are on a mission to continue this plan into 2018.  
We need member support for this committee in the following ways:
- Graphic Design (knowledge of Canva helpful)
- Social channel use and optimization (You a social ninja? Join us!)
- Updating our communication channels and methods (newsletter, in-person, video, etc.)
- Ongoing communication to members of SHRMGP Transformed 2018
This committee will be working with all of the other committees to ensure the look, feel and voice of SHRMGP is unified and members are receiving the right information and the right time. It's a great opportunity for members with an interest in communication, marketing, branding, digital marketing.  We are establishing our new Communications/Marketing Committee and welcome your participation to make 2018 a great year for how you and your colleagues experience SHRMGP. If you're interested in helping shape the future of SHRMGP let us know!


Member Experience

As promised we are providing you information around the many exciting changes happening at SHRMGP. Again, your feedback has been instrumental in helping us shape the future of this great organization!

Without you, our member, we wouldn’t be an organization. It’s you that makes this organization what it is, and it’s you that we thoughtfully serve. With this in mind we are elevating how we serve you and have refreshed our membership committees to a combined committee of one – Member Experience. This committee is comprised of blending Member engagement and Member attainment. 

The purpose of this committee is to promote and enhance your experience by creating an environment that elevates your connectivity to SHRMGP. With this evolved committee we are focused on the many touch points you have with SHRMGP and ensuring we are meeting your expectations today and into the future.  Part one of our plan will be to journey map your member experience and develop initiatives around the touchpoints to foster an exceptional experience for you!

We welcome your participation to make 2018 a great year for how you and your colleagues experience SHRMGP. If you’re interested in helping shape the future of SHRMGP let us know!


Reimagined Committee Organizational Chart

As promised we are providing you information around the many exciting changes happening at SHRMGP. Your feedback has been instrumental in helping us shape the future of this great organization!

One of the most significant changes taking place, based on the member survey feedback, is our evolution from a focus on programs to a focus on your professional development.  The goal is to bring relevant and effective professional events to you focused on topics you indicated were important to you;

o   Legal/legislative

o   HR best practices

o   HR leadership

o   And more such as a Special Interest Group for Benefits and Compensation; look for future information on this Group forming in February.

Highlights for 2018 include

o   January: Chapter-wide Legal Update

o   April: HR Strategy/Future of HR ½ Day Conference

o   June: Chapter-wide workshop, topic tbd

o   Mentorship program continuing forward with support tools and work kits  

o   Various webinars

o   Ongoing Area meetings across the Valley and additional networking and special events

We will continue our practice to ensure the above activities are available as credit for both SHRM and HRCI credentials.

We are establishing our new Professional Development Committee to implement the above Plan and welcome your participation to make 2018 a great year for Professional Development at SHRMGP. If you’re interested in helping shape the future of SHRMGP let us know!

The practice of HR is fast evolving and SHRMGP is committed to your growth and evolution by ensuring you have access to localized support, networks and tools for your success today and into the future.  The future of work starts now and it begins with you!  Please be sure to check our webpage dedicated to the transformation for more information and to sign up to be part of the evolution of HR in the Valley of the Sun!

Reimagined Committee Organizational Chart
Reimagined SHRMGP Update 11/3/2017

It is with great excitement we share with you the high-level changes you can expect to see in 2018 as outcomes of the 2017 member survey as well as the research and evaluation your board has completed.  We are all part of the evolution happening within the practice of HR and as your local source for networking, professional development, and relevant tools, SHRMGP is transforming to better serve you today and into the future.



We are taking steps to bring to life our SHRMGP purpose which is to connect you, our member, to the most relevant learning and development, while creating opportunities to develop and sustain meaningful connections and relationships which will contribute to the future of work and people at work in Greater Phoenix.    

Our board roles are realigning to connect you deeper in your capacity as a member, to the community and to the practice of HR.

Our reimagined committees are:

  • Member Experience
  • Professional Development
  • Community Partnerships

You can expect to see over the next several weeks more detailed information on these reimagined committees.  We are also enhancing the existing committees to serve you, the practice and our community in new ways!

With the realignments the 2018 Board will be partnering up and working together between committees in some cases. As an example, we have created two new roles as Board Members-at-Large. Their focus is to assist in special projects, volunteer support, and in the many initiatives we are moving forward in 2018.

As we transform to align our operating structure, we are absorbing the formal committees of SHRM Foundation and Diversity and Inclusion. We are committed to the SHRM Foundation and will focus on fundraising as part of our community partnerships. Additionally, business organizations and other HR groups are transitioning D+I by infusing D+I into and across decision making and through actions and behaviors. We are stepping out to do the same, and will no longer maintain a separate committee for D+I.  Our in-person meetings will remain in the geographic areas they are today and we are seeking new meeting locations for our North and Central groups. We are planning for additional all member events and other types of in-person meetups.

We will be sharing more around the reimagined committees next week. Additional detailed information can be found, and will be updated often, on our SHRMGP member page “SHRMGP Reimagined”. Please also follow our social channels – Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter!      

The future of work starts now and it begins with you!  


Letter from Shannon Teixeira 9/22/2017
It is with great excitement I share with you that we are evolving SHRM of Greater Phoenix based on your feedback - thank you! Your feedback to our recent survey has helped us reimagine the future of this great organization and continue to provide you with amazing development experiences, networking opportunities and professional resources to assist you in fulfilling your HR role successfully today and into the future.
We had an amazing response to our 2017 Member Survey, and learned a great deal from the 187 individuals that shared their thoughts with us. First, we learned that we are a very diverse group made up of individuals from all different levels in organizations, a variety of roles, a wide range in years of experience and age, as well as a population that holds a number of certifications. Second, respondents told us that they place high value on our educational events (meetings, webinars) and special events such as those hosted by Legislative Law Action Committee. In addition, the single biggest deciding factor in deciding which events you are going to attend is the topic being presented, and that your favorite topic areas are HR Best Practices, HR Legal/Legislative, and HR Leadership. We also learned that many of you have an interest in benefits and compensation and would like to see us start a special interest group for that topic. Finally, we received some accolades for the work that we have accomplished and got some really great ideas on what we could do differently in the future to continue to offer you the best value for your time and money. To view the 2017 Member Survey Results, click here.
As a result of your feedback, we have been working on reimagining a transformed SHRMGP - which means there are some changes we would like to share with you.
  • The first big change I would like to share with you is our intent to transition away from a 100% SHRM chapter. What does this mean? It means that our chapter will remain a SHRM National affiliate; however, when renewing your SHRMGP membership in 2018 you will no longer be required to have a national membership in order join our local chapter. We believe that this change will allow us to continue to meet the needs of the HR community in the Greater Phoenix area, serve a larger population, and provide a wide variety of services and programs for you.  You will have the opportunity to vote on this proposed change in October. 
  • This change, of course, results in other changes, including organizational structure, committees, professional development experiences, and so much more. This letter puts into motion the larger communication plan. Beginning next month, Committee Chairs and Board Members will be reaching out to provide more information about the impacts to committees, structure, roles and work. Over the next few months, we will be communicating these changes in a variety of ways. So, keep an eye on our SHRMGP Newsletter, website, Facebook page, LinkedIn site, and the SHRMGP Twitter feed to stay up-to-date and in the know.
We are looking to fill our reimagined committees with individuals who are excited about change and want to be a part of this transformation effort. If you would like to get involved with a committee or serve as a change champion, please reach out to me via or submit the form below.
On behalf of the Board, we thank you for your continued support and ideas on helping shape the future of HR in the Valley!
Shannon Teixeira
SHRMGP President



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